“Every so often, a new artist comes along with such a distinct, nuanced and compelling voice that it makes you stop what you’re doing and really pay attention. The singer and songwriter Nyah Grace has just such a gift, and you’ll be glad you listened.” 


“Nyah’s voice is the star of the show: rich, evocative, tender and sensual, it’s a remarkable gift for any artist, let alone one so young. The spacious, organic production complements that voice, but what’s most surprising of all is that ‘Black Coffee’ is just the third full song that she ever wrote, back when she was 14-years-old.” 

- The Hype

“If you are looking for a few minutes of escape, a good musical parenthesis to carry you, you have come to the right place. With Nyah Grace's Black Coffee, you have the right formula. The perfect solution to meet your needs. A pleasant moment of music from which you will have difficulty going out.” 

- Iggy